Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport

Triumph Tiger 1050 SportTriumph Tiger 1050 Sport for sale at Motosport

The Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport has been improved in all areas over the recent models. Triumph have improved the performance, handling, ergonomics and load carrying on the Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport. The Triumph Tiger 1050 sport is definitely one of the best in the business with great plush suspension and a stepped seat witch is lower and flatter for a smother ride for the pillion passenger also with grab handles.

You won’t be disappointed with Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport as it may be longer and may have more suspension travel than some sport bikes however the Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport can match the agility of a lighter and shorter sports bike. Also the Tiger has improved fuel consumption by 9% will give you about 241 kilometres per tank .

The Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport will give you ultimate braking by having a four- pot radial calliper also enhanced by a more effective , fast acting abs unit to give the rider a ride like no other. The Tiger has improved there 6 speed gear box by giving the rider a smoother shift  and a all round more effective and more enjoyable ride.

The Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport is also capable of carrying a substantial load with a stronger sub frame which allows a bigger load to be carried in the panniers ,The panniers have a unique cable setup which let the panniers float when turning to give the rider a smoother ride at high speeds .

The Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport is a great bike for the rider looking for that upright seating position and great engine performance that that can handle a battering in most conditions. If you are in the market for an all round motorcycle look no further than the Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport will definitely impress most motorcycle enthusiast.



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