Triumph RAT Riders Townsville

imagesGQ5KFC5PTriumph RAT Riders Townsville Are you a Triumph owner looking for Triumph RAT Riders Townsville? Are you living in Townsville and would like to know more about Triumph RAT Riders Townsville?

Rising Sun Motosports hosts Triumph RAT Riders Townsville once a month. We have a ride on the first Sunday of every month for all Triumph Owners and Pillions.

As well as a monthly RAT Ride we also have heaps of other special events, including overnight RAT Rides and social evenings. It’s a great way to meet new people in a relaxed environment that’s all about Triumph and loving the ride.

Our Triumph RAT Riders Townsville group is run by our team at Rising Sun Motosport Townsville and we will plan the ride, destination and when necessary the accommodation. This is a free group to join, the only cost you have is your fuel and any meals or drinks purchased from the destination.

Whilst we do occasionally welcome other bikes to attend our Rising Sun Motosport Rides, our Triumph RAT Riders are usually always other Triumph owners and enthusiasts.

Our Rising Sun Motosport team have the blessing of so many scenic places to ride, we do have one favorite place to head to and that’s Mt Spec Paluma. September-RAT-Ride-img1

Our Team does a great good of keeping our rides exciting and interesting. As well as great rides we also love the social aspect of Triumph RAT Riders Townsville and moving forward we are going to also be having social events and dinners.

If you would like to find out more about Triumph RAT Riders Townsville or to join our next ride follow us on Facebook, where we post all of our ride information.

To ensure you don’t miss out on finding out about or rides and events join our RAT Riders mailing list contact Trent on 4759 3253