Top 12 Tips to Sell Your Used Car for the Price You Want

Everyone worried when they sell your used car. Everyone wants highest returns for used car.Everyone heard of terms like “blue book value”, “black book value”, “KBB Price” and more to describe the approximate value of your car. Insurance company and auto dealers use to value your car when determine an offer price.

However this value is not necessary, it is not very accurate based on your specific car. You have follow simple tips to be sure you get best price and best deal for selling your used car for cash.

12 Tips to Sell Your Used Car

  • Research the market
  • Where to sell your used car?
  • Work out where to advertise
  • What is my car worth?
  • Respond to the market.
  • Get your paperwork in order
  • Documents
  • Meeting
  • Estimate private buyers value
  • Expect to haggle
  • Receipt
  • Done Deal

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