Sick of the daily commute

Sick of the daily commute and is the cost of fuel or public transport getting you down?

Why not look for a new option like the economical and easy to ride Tricity scooter from Yamaha.


The Tricity features a unique 3-wheel chassis, it’s a new lightweight urban commuter, whose user friendly features are designed to cater for the needs of new riders.

With a 125cc engine and offering scooter-like agility and offering the stability and confidence that comes 9160-17305with having 3 wheels.

For only $4999 Ride Away the Yamaha Tricity is the way to go if you are a commuter, save time, money and enjoy your trip to work or university everyday.

Talk to us at Motosport Bayside.  We can arrange finance, insurance and with our Motobarn accessories store on site we can also kit you out with everything you need to be safe on the road.


  • Innovative 3-wheel chassis design
  • Only 152kg including 6.6L of fuel
  • Unified brake system
  • Economical 125cc liquid-cooled 4 stroke engine
  • Parallelogram link leaning multiwheel system



8 Merritt St
Capalaba QLD 4157