Nova Revivor

Nova RevivorNova Revivor

The Nova Revivor has been specifically deigned for the budget conscious caravaner, with all the style and quality you’d expect from a Nova Caravan, the Nova Revivor is an affordable range caravans with exclusive deigns.

Nova Caravans combine there years of knowledge, design and decorating flair to create a caravan that is fast becoming the talking point around the old campfire. Having just recently undergone extensive changes you can be assured the Nova Revivor brings you all the latest Nova Caravans can offer.

The internal and external features of the Nova Revivor are still in abundance as you would expect with a Nova Caravans. some of the standard features included are, 1 x 100AH Battery, 19” TV/DVD fitted, 2 x 80 litre water tank, 2 x ceiling speakers, 4 Seasons hatch, Explorer TV plug, External 12v, 240v power point and TV plug, External speaker, ALKO ESC, filtered water tap just to name a few.

Nova Caravans have a unique one piece fiberglass roof that was implemented about 4 years ago. Nova Caravans realised that one of the major concerns for caravaners is water leaks and maintenance. With the unique one piece fiberglass roof there will be less maintenance and much less chance of water leaks then your typical built caravan.

The Nova Revivor come in a vast number of layouts with the versatility of custom building. So you will be able to get the right fit between you and you Nova Revivor. Choices of layouts, finishes, appliances even cladding are just a few ways you can make your Nova Revivor distinctly yours.

You can see the Nova Revivor caravan for sale  here

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