Motosport RAT Rides – 2nd November 2014

Another successful RAT Ride was had on Sunday, actually we had 2 RAT Rides on Sunday.

Our Rising Sun Motosport Townsville Dealership had a group of 15 bikes and a few pillions attend on Sunday.

Our group headed up to Mt Spec Paluma approximately 75kms from our start point, we had perfect weather for the ride and with such great company a really enjoyable day all round.

Thanks to all who attended look forward to seeing you next month.

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Our Motosport Gold Coast Dealership had an attendance of 25 bikes and a few pillions , we headed to Mooball in Northern NSW and stopped at the one and only Moo Moo Roadhouse for a bite to eat, coffee and a chat.  Located about 72kms from our dealership, a wonderful scenic route through the Southern Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

We have an overnight ride happening on Saturday November 22nd leaving from Motosport Gold Coast at 8.30am and heading west to Texas QLD for an overnight shindig, a few spots are still left so if you’re interested or want to book please contact Rob Murray on 5596 6655

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Thanks for the great feedback on Facebook spec paluma

Paul Hand As always- really well organised. Great to see some early career riders along today.

Tony Turner Thanks for the ride guys awesome stuff

Gail Calder A great ride and great company. Thank you

Tall Rossi great turnout (y)

Allan Pickard Once again well organised, fantastic roads, great people. Roll on Texas.

Peter Clucas Another great ride, well done Rob and Paul, I’m looking forward to the Texas ride now , bring it on

Graeme Fitzpatrick Thanks Rob & everyone, lots of fun today

Tony Penhallurick Have the time of my life on these rides, thanks to all!!