Motosport Gold Coast Overnight RAT Ride to Texas


Motosport Gold Coast Overnight RAT Ride to Texas

Yee Haw our Motosport Gold Coast RAT Club recently went on the first of many overnight RR14RAT Rides to Texas Queensland.

We had a group of 24 people attend with 18 Triumphs attend the ride, the group had to deal with extremely hot temperatures of over 40 degrees but with a few extra drink stops on the way the group all made it, safe and sound.

They headed from our Motosport Gold Coast Dealership in Nerang and headed RR22south through UKI in northern NSW and right out west to Texas Queensland it was a good 5 hour trip, so the RAT group enjoyed a few well earned cold beverages at the pub in Texas.

The ride home was also a hot one and headed in a more northern direction, we have had some wonderful feedback in regards to the ride and it has prompted us to start planning our next overnight RAT Ride.

Thanks to everyone who came along and to our wonderful Rob who organised the ride & Leon who rode tail end.

Here is some of the wonderful feedback from Facebook.  Stay up to date with all of our RAT Rides on Facebook

 Derreck – Fantastic, thanks all involved in organising and the group was great, look forward to many more

Allan- Fantastic weekend. Even with the high temps. Thanks to Rob & Leon.

Peter –  It’s what you come to expect from these guys , they all do a great job of organizing and make us all feel part of the the Rat Team and keep us interested, well done Rob & Leon for another great adventure , I look forward to the next one!

Janice – What a great weekend it was…. Thanks