Motorcycle Oil and Filters available at Motobarn Gold Coast

motobarn gcMotorcycle Oil and Filters available at Motobarn Gold Coast

If you can do one thing on your motorcycle to keep it maintained and purring like a kitten, it should be changing your oil. Motorcycles run at a much higher temperature than a car so changing your oil should be done frequently. No matter how new or old your bike is without oil your engine will seize up and die. We have a huge range of Motorcycle Oil and Filters available at Motobarn Gold Coast.motul

Oil not only cools down your engine it also stops metal parts from coming into contact with each other.  Metal on metal can cause rather expensive damage in an engine and debris is what usually destroys things inside the engine very fast. Oil acts as lubrication and also transports minor debris away and into the filter.   Without an Oil Filter the oil would have no safe place to deposit all the debris.

So onto the dirty job of changing your oil then (yep it can be messy) Once you’ve done it a few times, you will find it’s not that hard and really doesn’t take too long.  Every bike is different so we can’t tell you exactly how to change your oil so you will need to check your manual. Make sure you drain out all the old oil first (have a pan ready to go) once that’s done you can replace the oil filter. You want to wait until there is no oil dripping out of the drain hole prior to changing the filter. Pretty much in a nutshell you remove the old filter, stick in the new one bolt everything back up and hey presto. (You might want to seek advice from our service department if it’s the first time you have done this)

Double check everything, Make 100% sure that you bolted everything up nice and tight so oil won’t come pouring out of the bottom of your bike once you start pouring the oil in. Check your owner’s manual for the correct amount of oil to use. If you have any doubts about how much oil to use contact a dealership of your brand of bike or ask one of our knowledgeable staff at Motobarn. Motorcycle Oil and Filters available at Motobarn Gold Coast.

Usually when you do both an oil and oil filter change you will require more oil than just doing an oil change. That is because the oil filter holds oil inside of it and putting a new filter on means you are going to need more oil for the bike to fill that up again. Check your bolts again and you should be good to pour in the oil. Remember always follow your manual.hiflo

You may have an oil plug dip stick, clean it off, screw it back on, unscrew it out again and check the oil level markings on it to see if you have a “full” amount of oil in there. Or you may have an oil window, look in and compare the level of oil with those marking on your engine case beside the oil window. If everything looks good then screw the oil plug back on tightly if you haven’t already, turn the bike on and run it for 1-2 minutes

Now you have to run your bike to make sure the oil is distributed evenly around the engine and that you don’t have to add more oil to “top it up”.  Check the oil plug dipstick or the oil level window and see where the oil is at, you need to wait a couple of minutes since the oil needs to slowly drain back down again. If the level is not as high as it was before, add a little bit more and again, run the engine. Once you are 100% sure you have the correct amount of oil in the engine and your bike will love you for it.

So how often should you change your oil? Its best to check your manual or check with your regular mechanic or our staff at Motobarn Gold Coast typically every 6 months is a good option as oil does get old if it is left to sit in the bottom of your engine. Not sure what oil to use again consult old faithful (owner’s manual) or with your regular mechanic. Motorcycle Oil and Filters available at Motobarn Gold Coast

Motorcycle Oil and Filters available at Motobarn Gold Coast

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