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MOTOBARN LOGO_WEBONLYMotobarn Gold Coast – Motorcycle Accessories Store is the place you need to ride safely on country roads So many of our customers enjoy the thrill of riding up in the mountains or heading down the coast onto Country Roads, it is important for riders to be aware of the different conditions when riding on country roads, heading from the Gold Coast down to northern rivers is a very popular run for many of our customers.

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• Road Surface – Many roads in Australia have poor surfaces, with potholes, gravel and terrible edging this can affect your cornering. A good tip is to always look ahead and scan the road between the vanishing point and road surface, this will allow you to adjust your road position and speed

• Crests – What’s over that hill? In the country it could be wildlife, oil, gravel or even farming machinery moving at a slow pace. A good tip practiced by many adventure riders is to stand up, this gives you a greater view over the top of a hill. If you’re on a road bike lift your head as much as possible to peek over the crest. It is always best to approach the unknown slowly and then accelerate when you have a clear view.

• Riding with a Group – When riding in a group you will find that everyone’s ability is different and nobody wants to be left behind. Stay in a comfort zone and have a leader and an end rider to ensure everyone is safe. Leaving a decent gap between yourselves as well is also a great idea

• Wildlife – In Australia collisions between animals and vehicles are very common and can be fatal for both parties. Be vigilant when riding at dusk, dawn and at night

• Cornering – Have clear vision and a nice smooth line, start your corner entry early. Exit the corner tight, this keeps you away from head-on zone and also allows room for error. Ensure you adjust speed to suit how far your vision to the vanishing point diminishes.

• Cattle Grids & Wooden Bridges – Both can be treacherous on a motorcycle, especially in the wet. Look out for slippery metal bolts on wooden bridges, get all your braking done nice and early and square the bike up well before you approach the bridge. Avoid crossing grids at the join if two grids have been used, as the gap can be wide enough for a motorcycle tyre.

It’s not unheard of to see grids dislodged and popped out by trucks. Always ride across with a steady throttle so you are nicely balanced and avoid any chance of wheel spin Riding country roads and mountains is great fun, being prepared for the unexpected is always important.

At Motobarn Gold Coast – Motorcycle Accessories Store has everything you need and more, we have a range of personal protection and Motorcycle Accessories suited for group riding and country riding. Motobarn Gold Coast has a Triumph RAT Ride that leaves from our store every month, talk to us about joining our mailing list or visit us on Facebook to find out more.

Scala Rider G9X Group is a product you should consider for group riding The new Scala Rider G9x makes hand signals and having to stop and start a thing of the past. Enjoy your social rides by keeping in constant contact with your group. Available at Motobarn Gold Coast

“1+8” Intercom enables you to connect via voice command to 8 additional riders within a range of up to 1 mile/1.6 km(1). Intelligent Voice Recognition technology means you won’t have to take your hands off the handlebars.

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