Lightweight Caravan

Lightweight Caravan

If you are looking for a lightweight caravan, you should check out the Adria Caravan range. Adria have caravans starting from 1500kg ATM (fully loaded), which you can tow with a sedan.

The Adria Altea 402PH is a lightweight caravan. This is the caravan from the Adria Caravans range that has the ATM weight of 1500kg. Other caravans in the Adria range that fit the lightweight caravan mold are the Adria Altea 552PK and the Adria Altea 552UP. These 2 lightweight caravans are just 1700kg ATM.

Next in the Adria caravan range is the Adora 612DP and Adora 612DL. Both of these caravans have an ATM weight of just 2000kg.

These caravans aren’t just lightweight though, they are shipped in from Europe on a chassis that is custom built for Australian and New Zealand conditions.

Adria Caravans off road

An Adria Caravan on the Birdsville track.

Adria Caravans are built in Slovenia, and imported to Australia with our conditions in mind. The Adria Caravan range truly is the ultimate in lightweight caravan.

See the award winning range of Adria Caravans here and our current stock in our dealership here

Motosport RV are the Queensland dealer for Adria Caravans, and you can see them at our dealership at 3471 Pacific Highway Slacks Creek, one kilometre north of Ikea on the service road.

Adria sells it’s caravans and motorhomes in over 30 countries and regularly wins awards for design, safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. Adria has been podium placed 3 years in a row in Germany, the toughest of all European markets, and won the coveted Konig Kunde (king of customers) award for best brand.

The new Altea has won national awards, including caravan of the year, and commendation for its innovative design in the European Innovation Awards. The Adria caravan range is popular the world over.