Jet Ski Finance


Jet Ski Finance

Looking for Jet Ski Finance? Found the Jet Ski of your dreams and need finance?

Want more options when looking for Jet Ski Finance?15JT1500N_251BLKDLF00D_C_903_677_60

Talk to us at MI Finance.   MI Finance is part of Motosport Industries, Queensland’s fastest growing Lifestyle Company.

MI Finance was created to ensure our customers where given the options and choice they deserve.

MI Finance has access to all the top lenders so our customers can find a loan that suits your individual needs.  So often when purchasing a Jet Ski we see customers rush in and just borrow from their everyday bank, thinking they are getting the best deal because they are already a customer and this is not always the case.

Shopping around to find the best finance deal is just as important as shopping around to find the best Jet Ski, having a Finance expert in all of our dealerships, allows us to do the shopping around for you.   Even if you are not purchasing from one of our dealerships MI Finance can still provide you with the funds and insurance you need.

Borrowing money or arranging Jet Ski Finance should not be stressful or confusing. We see so many customers who are concerned about interest rates and repayments and not understanding exactly what they are getting themselves into. MI Finance does all the hard work and negotiating for you, we explain everything in laymen terms and ensure nothing is left out.

MI Finance can organise you entire loan over the phone or email, so you can spend more time looking for the Jet Ski you want and less time visiting the banks and completing unnecessary documents.

Our lending partners include BOQ, GE Money, Finance 1, Esanda , Money 3, Morris Finance, YMF, Macquarie, Liberty Finance, Suncorp Insurance, Swann Insurance and CIL

Why not ask us about more than just your Jet Ski Finance. MI Finance can help you with Car Finance, Boat Finance, Power Equipment, Motorcycles, Caravans or even your Home.

Use our calculator now to see what you can borrow.