Husqvarna Motorcyles

Husqvarna Motorcyles

The name Husqvarna Motorcyles is a name that many riders relate to race winning pedigree, tough as nails reliability and ground breaking innovation since 1903. As Husqvarna famously quote “Pioneering since 1903”

The Husqvarna Motorcyles FE 501 is an agile proven trail machine that has enough power on tap to roost your mates or get you to the top of your favourite hill climb with ease.

The Husqvarna Motorcyles TE 300 prove that the two stroke endure machine is alive and well. The torquey electric start engine produces 54 hp and the bike weighs in at under 105 kg. You will find it equipped with White Power suspension front and rear along with Brembo brakes and hydraulic clutch.

Husqvarna Motorcyles FC 250 is the class leader when it comes to weight and outright horse power. Tipping the scales at just 101 kilos and producing 46 horse power, the FC 250 will have you nailing the hole shot 100% of the time.

The FE 450 is one Husqvarna Motorcyles biggest sellers and after you throw a leg over and take it for a ride you will see why. Sure, you’re gonna pay less for its Japanese counterpart…but then again, you get what you pay for. You will not find Brembo brakes, a pankl crank, yep the cranks that are used in helicopter and race car applications, nor will you find WP upside down forks or a WP rear shock.

Husqvarna Motorcyles is also proud to offer up one of the hardest hitting twp stroke 250 motocrossers available in the form of the mighty TC 250. Again, proof that in a world where 4 stroke engines seem to be the norm, the TC 250 proves that old school, high revving two strokes are not dead just yet. Producing bags of power delivered through a 5 speed gearbox and weighing just 97.7 kilos, it’s a race winner out of the box.

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