Caravans for Sale in Brisbane

Are you looking for a Caravan? Are you looking best dealer in Brisbane, Caravans for sale in Brisbane? Caravans provide both single travelers and whole family with a home away from home during a long trip or short trip. Motosport Recreational Vehicle has been a trusted dealer of used cars and Caravans for sale in Brisbane. We established this company in 1993. We have excellent credit history. Our selection of new and used caravans offers a variety of styles to full size, and including custom caravans.

New and Used Caravan Selection

Are you looking Caravans for Sale in Brisbane, so first places to visit is the New and Used Caravans selections offered at Motosport. Motosport is member of the MTAQ and hand select all the vehicles available for purchase on our lot. Our all used caravans are inspected by RACQ. Motosport guarantees our customers full purchase satisfaction by providing caravans of the highest quality. Our selection of new and used caravans includes:

Compact Caravans: This types of caravan as a small size, hard shelled and are great for single travelers and no-fuss couples.

Pop-Top Caravans: This types of caravans is raised during set-up, some models come with expendable sides to allow for large sleeping area. It larger than compact caravan but it is light weight and easy towing and storage when not in use. Pop-top caravan roofing allows for good ventilations so it protecting from the various climate changes of the Australian Countryside.

Full-Sized Caravans: Full-sized caravan has plenty of space and headroom, and come with shower, toilet, king size bed, kitchenand dining area. Solar panels and air conditioner can be fitted on roof. This caravan is 10 meters long. It is very spacious.

Fifth-Wheel Caravans: Fifth-wheel caravan is most luxurious and largest. It comes with front extension that resets over the two vehicle and sets on horizontal plate for towing. This caravan provide increase living space and shorter towing length than some full-sized caravan.

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