Car Loans Repayment Calculator

The Car Loans Repayment Calculator allows you can find out how much you have to pay monthly, quarterly or weekly. Repayment could be for different loan amount and interest rate. This loan calculator allows you to see how much interest you could save, if you pay more each payment period. This calculator should only be used as a guide to see how car loan repayment can be change the loan amount, interest rate, long term and other contributions. Note that Car Loan Repayment Calculator is not provide extra charges and additional fees.

Length of Month

This loan repayment calculator assumes all months are of equal length. However some months are longer. The interest charged on a car loan will depending on the number of daysin the month.

Number of Weeks and Fortnights in a Year

This repayment calculator and Car Loan Centre car loan assumes one year contains exactly 52 weeks, 26 fortnights based on 364 days a year.

Rounding of Repayment Amounts and time saved

It is presented as year or month saved. The figure is round down to the closest month so understates the saving.

Amount of Interest Saved

After that this all figure is not rounded, it is approximated from the time saved.

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