Benelli Motorcycles now in Brisbane at Motosport Bayside

Benelli Motorcycles now in Brisbane at Motosport Bayside

Benelli Motorcycles now in Brisbane at Motosport Bayside, come and test ride a true classic.

The Benelli Company’s ability to build unique Italian motorcycles for the road and track, has been revered in the world of motorcycle engineering for over 100 years. Originally Benelli Motorcycles was a family business with six brothers and their Mother.

Racing was in the blood of one the brother’s Tonio, who forced the hand of his brothers to design more powerful bikes to race, so that by the late 1920s Benelli had become one of Italy’s formidable racing teams. In 1939 Benelli won the prestigious Isle of Man race.

Revitalised and reborn with the help of QJ, Benelli’s mandate is now to uphold their old tradition and be motorcycle pioneers once again. With the worlds press coming to terms of Benellis serious return to take on the competition, it won’t be long before Benelli will be revered and set as the benchmark once more.

Benelli Motorcycles are still produced in Pesaro Italy with an Italian workforce to test, develop and build motorcycles for the Australian market.

Benelli Motorcycles is a welcome new addition to the Motosport Bayside family. With a service department on site and open 6 Days a week, Motosport Bayside will keep your Benelli purring.

Visit our showroom at 8 Merritt St, Capalaba or phone us for more information on

(07)3245 4301

Benelli Motorcycles now in Brisbane at Motosport Bayside, what are you waiting for, book a test ride today.

Benelli wants to build a future in Australia and by listening to their customer base they have built tailor specific models, such as Learner approved category.

So dust off your leathers – the legend is back.