Adria Caravans show off bright new colours in Dusseldorf

If you could customise your caravan, design it online and make it as colourful as you want or maybe even add some polka dots on the outside would you?images7O21U0SR

In Europe Adria are offering the option to personalise your Caravan and really stand out from the crowd, it has been successful in the automotive industry particularly on little fun cars like the Mini.  But this would be a first in the world of Caravans and RV’s.

The Caravan that is causing all of this stir is the new Adria Altea 4four, its 3.6m long with a single axle.  You also would have the option to have interior design choices with graphite or silver textiles, a new curved panoramic sky-roof with easy glide UV screening as well as built-in screens and blinds.untitled

According to Adria, “this pioneering caravan has been made to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday and could signal the future of the caravanning industry, with customer-driven caravan customisation”.

No word yet on whether the exciting Altea 4Four model will join our existing Adria range at Motosport RV, but we would certainly like to see it as an option for our customers.

You can find Adria Caravans at our Motosport RV dealership located at


3471 Pacific Highway,
QLD 4187