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Adria Altea 552 UP Sports

Adria Altea 552 UP Sports


The Adria Altea 552 UP Sports is another on of Adrias award winning European range. Although Adria caravans are imported from Europe, they are the only imported caravan with a chassis specifically designed and built for Australian and New Zealand conditions.

The Adria Altea 552 UP Sports is one of the best towing Caravans on the market. With their light weight construction they have a low Tare weight. This combined with the AL-KO hitch make the Adria Altea 552 UP Sports an absolute dream to tow.

The AL-KO chassis designed for Australia, independent suspension and extra ground clearance makes the Adria Altea 552 UP Sports the perfect semi-off road caravan for touring the countryside. It’s strong enough to withstand our roads, and venture through the vast Australian landscape. The Semi off road Adria Altea 552 UP Sports Is the perfect van for those looking to explore our beautiful country.

Although the Adria Altea 552 UP is a semi-off road Caravan it still has all the interior comforts of a modern stylish caravan with 50 years of experience you’d come to expect. As you walk in the door of the 552 UP you can see the 50 years of experience straight away. With the stylish large club lounge and massive European windows for that panoramic view. You can see why more and more people are becoming part of the Adria family. The modern conveniences don’t stop there. A fully functioning kitchen area complete with gas burners, microwave oven hot and cold running water and much more. everything you need from your home away from home.

Ducted air conditioning through out the Adria Altea 552 UP Sports will ensure you and the family remain comfortable where ever you travel. The cleverly deigned shower and toilet is just another practical creature comfort for those looking for the caravan with everything. If your looking for a semi off-road caravan with all the modern creature comforts, that’s affordable and stylish the Adria Altea 552 UP Sports is the caravan for you.

You can see the Adria Altea 552 UP Sports caravan for sale here

To see the Adria Altea 552 UP Sports caravan for sale in the flesh, visit us at Motosport RV, 3471 Pacific Highway Slacks creek, or call us on 3297 8200.