8 Tips for Buying Second Hand Cars

If you want to buy second hand car, you have to be very careful and vigilant. Here we have 8 tips for buying second hand cars.

  • Make sure that you have to check the car inside, outside and below.
  • Start with the exterior and check ripped lines, gaps in the car, rusty spots, accidents and trailer hitches.
  • Check engine oil or any leakages. Make sure the engine shows that proper maintenance work has been done regularly.
  • Check the transmission and manual transmission.
  • Inquiry about reason for the sale. Private owners will sell the car when better model or when car has been an accident.
  • Check the car for the vehicle identification number. Check car history, odometer, roof, flooding and number of owners.
  • Bring an independent car mechanic with you to check out the car.
  • If mechanic is satisfied with the car, take for test drive. Make sure everything such as; engine starts properly, no vibration and no sound. Check break, speedometer and odometer.

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